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October 2018

Other Thoughts,

Liters of Fart Gas

How many liters of fart gas do humans release every second ? A) 100,000 B) 406,783 C) 602,940 D) 1,012,049         Wow!! Holy Crap!!  You and every other human release 602,940 liters of fart every second.  That means every 4 seconds an entire hot air balloon could be filled with poop air!

Throne Thoughts,

Kung fu Toilet

I tried to hold it in…I really did. But that damn Chinese food just shot through me like poop through a goose. One minute, everything is fine. And then all of the sudden, MOVE!!!! I knew when I was standing at the counter waiting for my order, that I was going to regret it later, and boy was I right. It wasn’t even 10 minutes after I finished that I was running for the bathroom. There were birds chirping outside my window before I came in here. Not anymore. I don’t knowing it was the smell or the sound that